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To help with that process, let me tell you a bit about my heart for impacting students. As a teen, I was called into youth ministry the day I met Jesus. Since then, He has called me to do some crazy things. I’ve spoken to thousands of youth because He’s got a message for them.
I have this thing for truth, discipleship, and relationship. I’ve tried separating them into fancy, little categories, but in the end, they are too intertwined to split. Students need to hear God’s truth – to cut through the junk, and to be transformed. They need to spend time learning and applying the Word of God. And, they need to have a relationship with their Maker. Because when it’s about relationship – then it’s about freedom.

I encourage students not to settle for counterfeit: counterfeit faith, counterfeit Jesus, counterfeit life. I help them strive for real joy, real freedom, real growth, real God.

Having invested most of my life into youth ministry, leading leaders, and discipling students, I am constantly smacked with the power of identity. I help students discover their true identity and spur them on to live out the freedom of their design.
I have always been a story teller. I love to teach students from my own experience and from God’s Word. I find humour to be a powerful communicator. In fact, if God doesn’t have a sense of humour, I’m doomed.
My aim is to always be accessible and flexible. I take the time to hang out with students, answer questions, and play soccer when necessary (sometimes mandatory-1 Jn 3:16). I meet them where they are most comfortable. Most ministry happens off the stage.
When people meet with Jesus, that’s when real impact happens. It goes beyond the lights, funny speakers, and great music – because being transformed by Jesus has a truly lasting effect.

In our spoon-fed generation, I just want to be the guy serving up steak. Let’s talk about how I can partner with your ministry.

Björn Schmitz

Björn Schmitz

Youth Speaker

Björn’s family immigrated to Canada from Germany when he was a teenager. They settled in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, where Bjorn lives with his wife, Callie, and their 3 children. Björn attended Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, where he studied Counselling and Youth, and has been involved in student ministry for over 15 years. He and Callie have run sports camps together and have been consultants to youth ministries and pastors/leaders. Björn has spoken at conferences, camps, missions adventures, youth services, and currently leads the youth ministry at Freedom in Christ Church in Kitchener. Björn is super cool because he has those extra dots over his name, which makes him look exotic.


I know this is God’s calling on my life, because who in their right mind would choose to stand up and speak in front of a room full of people – over and over again, eh?


Our Prayer.LIFE. series is now up and running. Feel free to check them out here or my facebook page


If you have any questions, prayer requests, or want to keep the conversation going – let’s stay connected.


He is personable and fun but isn’t afraid to get into the messy things and really challenge people in their walk with the Lord. His passion for his own pursuit of Christ is completely evident in what he shares from the stage… Read More

Shelly Walker

Director of Mission, Shelter Cove Community Church

We love Björn and all he brings to our camps! His love for God and seeing lives transformed for Christ is very evident in the way he connects with both staff and campers. Read More

Nicole Somers

Camp Director, United Brethren Youth Camps

Speakers like Bjorn are in rare supply. He is not only a fantastic communicator, but has a God given ability to connect with students in deep, meaningful ways. He has been a huge blessing to our ministry and will be one to yours!

Chad Blackman

Pastor of Student Ministries, Shelter Cove Community Church

Björn Schmitz

Kitchener, Ontario

(519) 896-6860
[email protected]


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